Engineering Running Works

  • Introduction of Fire Audit to check fire safety measurement for large projects.

  • Installations of CCTV and fire safety arrangement have been made mandatory for projects in New Town.

  • Construction of two community halls in AA-I with accommodation facilities.

  • Setting up five more community markets in different locations of AA-I and II.

  • Construction of swimming pool in AA-IA in AE Block.

  • Plantation of coconut trees on both sides along the water body in Action Area ID.

  • Developmental work for two other parks in AA-I will commence soon.

  • Construction of another Community toilet near city center.

  • Installation of traffic signals in 2nd and 3rd Rotary along M.A.R.

  • Setting up 9 more bus stops in four other different locations of AA-I and II M.A.R.

  • Efficient scientific disposal of biodegradable and non- biodegradable waste will be taken up in future.

  • Mechanical sweeping and clearing of roads will also be taken soon.

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