• 8 nos of more community market in different location of Action Area I and II.
  • Construction of Swimming Pool along with Change Room, double storied building Gymnasium-cum-Office-cum-Food Court, double storied Executive Club in AE Block, New Town, Kolkata.
  • Construction of Tennis & Basket Ball Court within the Green Verge at AE Block Play ground, AA - IA, New Town, Kolkata - 700156.
  • Construction of Gallery in AD Block Play ground.
  • Development of Cricket Ground along with Pavilion, galleries, Curator’s Room, Toilets etc in Action Area - IID, New Town, Kolkata.
  • 100 x 5 (500 kwh) Canal Top Solar Power Plant at Eco Park New Town Kolkata.
  • Installation of Road’s Signage and Road’s Maps in AA-II & III.
  • Different Awareness Programme on Solar City Project.
  • e-Waste Management System.
  • e-Governance System in New Town Kolkata.
  • Digitization of all record.
  • m-Governance System in New Town Kolkata.
  • Introduction of web enables GIS in open PRP mode for the entire township.
  • Installation of traffic signals in different location of New Town Kolkata.
  • Efficient scientific disposal of biodegradable and non- biodegradable waste will be taken up in future.
  • Mechanical sweeping and clearing of roads will also be taken soon.
  • Construction of Car Parking along with Toilet at Street No 184, 97 at New Town Kolkata.
  • Construction of 04(four) nos of pay & use toilet near Balaka Abasan on MAR(EW), near Coal India, Street No-178 near NBCC, near Immersion Ghat.

Achievements 2014-2015

  • Construction of 10 nos of community markets. Out of 03 have already been allotted.
  • Completion of 03 nos of parks at different locations of New Town Kolkata.
  • Approval of Solar City Master Plan by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Govt. of India.
  • Completion of Cricket Ground at Action Area- IID.
  • Completion of 12 kW grid connected Roof top solar power plant at NKDA building of 01 MAR.
  • 10 kW Grid connected floating solar power plant at “Smitibon”, Action Area- IB, New Town Kolkata.
  • Completion of Pyramidal Tower & congregation centre at Action Area-IB near Home Town.

Achievements 2013-2014

  • Construction Weigh Bridge at Action Area IC, Newtown, Kolkata.
  • Food Court behind Sishu Tirtha Park at AD Block, New Town, Kolkata.
  • Construction of Immersion Ghat at Action Area-ID New Town, Kolkata.
  • Construction of 02 (two) nos of Passenger Shed near Eco Park New Town Kolkata.
  • Installation of Road’s Signage in AA-I C and AA-I D.
  • Development of Mela Ground at New Town Kolkata.
  • Introduction for m-Grivence System for New Town Kolkata.
  • Manual sweeping and clearing of roads for New Town Kolkata.
  • Community Market of IB likely to be completed.
  • Fees parking zones near Home Town, Asix Mall, Coal India at New Town Kolkata.

Achievements 2012-2013

  • Introduction of Fire Audit to check fire safety measurement for large projects.
  • Application of Bio-metric attendance system.
  • Completion of Bibek Tirtha, Rabindra Tirth Sisu Uddan, AI Park, Theme Park at different location of Action Area-I New Town Kolkata.
  • 07 (Seven) nos of Passenger Shed at different location of Action Area-I and II of New Town Kolkata.
  • Installation of Traffic Signal with Control Kiosk in 5 different location of New Town Kolkata.
  • Installation of Road’s Signage and Road’s Maps in AA-I A and AA-I B.
  • Collection of Water Charges.

Achievements 2011-2012

  • Development of a Children’s Park in AD Block (Sishu Tirtha) .This is the first Children’s Park in New Town.
  • Development and opening of a public playground in AD Block. This is the first public playground in New Town.
  • Beautification from Bridge over Kestopur canal to 1st Bridge over Bagjala canal along median verge of M.A.R.
  • Starting of collection and disposal of Solid Waste since November, 2011.
  • Starting of work relating to Record of Title (Mutation) since November, 2011.
  • Plantation of coconut trees along link canal connecting Bagjala and Kestopur canal.
  • Finalization of development of two Community Markets in 1A & 1B.
  • Construction of one bus stops along M.A.R at 1st Rotary.
  • Installation of Traffic Signal in 1st Rotary along with Control Kiosk.
  • Construction of Pay and Use Toilet at 1st Rotary in AA-I.
  • Maintenance of accounts through software.

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Dear Citizens and stakeholders of New Town Kolkata,

This is to inform you all that your city New Town Kolkata is one of the 23 cities selected all over India which have been put on a fast track mode to become a Smart City.

As per the directions received from the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India, we have to submit an upgraded Smart City Proposal, taking into consideration the inputs received from the citizens and stakeholders within the broad framework of observations made available by the team of experts who have evaluated the plan.

You are therefore invited to go through our Smart City Plan in detail along with the observations of the expert panel The links of which have been provided underneath) and submit your inputs within 02/03/2016.

You can send your suggestions online to the email id smartcity@nkda.in or submit written copies at the Smart City Help Desk at the office of New Town Kolkata Development Authority, No 3, MAR, New Town, Kolkata – 700156.

Requesting your kind cooperation and with thanks


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