Mosquito repellent activity undertaken by NKDA

(Special Drive from 3rd Aug 2016-2017)

New Town Kolkata Development Authority conducts routine mosquito control activity throughout the year.

Now, the campaign has been intensified from the 3rd Aug 2016 by increasing the manpower manifold to increase the frequency of spraying of Larvacide and Fumigation and to create awareness among the common people to ensure 100% coverage as well as to motivate people to ensure that there is no stagnant water i.e. breeding space for mosquito within any household or housing complex.

New Town Kolkata Development Authority has adopted a broad based initiative for its Mosquito control programme. NKDA officials are deputed in separate teams to supervise and monitor spraying of larvacides along with fumigation works and also for awareness generation in order to combat vector Borne Diseases in NKDA area. The plan of action for the entire NKDA jurisdiction for control and eradication of mosquitoes has been taken up as follows:

Awareness Programme for residential complexes and non-residential sectors :- NKDA teams are interacting with residents of different housing societies and also with Commercial Housing Complexes and with non-residential sector, for the purpose of creation of awareness, 12000 leaflets have already been distributed. supervising and monitoring of spraying of larvaecide and fumigation is being done with utmost priority.

Larvacide Programme :-
For killing of mosquito at larvae stage, NKDA engaged an Agency. The larvaecide activities also intensified for the entire new town area and emphasis has been given to bring under coverage all areas where there is stagnant water i.e at campuses of different Housing Societies, Commercial Housing Complexes, market places, commercial and office building premises etc.

Special attention has been given to under construction sites by deputing special team. If stagnant water is found at the construction sites, larvicide are being sprayed by the team and then notice are being issued to the owner to take necessary action to ensure that there is no stagnant water at the construction site.

Larvaecide is also being sprayed at stagnant water in vacant plots.

Fumigation to get rid of adult mosquito:-
This Authority has intensified Fumigation activities on regular basis in entire New Town area including different Housing Societies, Residential and Commercial Housing Complexes.

Composition of a team of NKDA :
Three / four officials for awareness generation and for supervision of spraying of larvaecide and for supervision of fumigation. One for spraying of larvaecide and one for fumigation.

Composition of team to cover under construction site:
Three/ Four officials from NKDA and three personnel for spraying of larvaecide.

Awareness leaflet circulated by NKDA

Programme schedule

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SL No Date Street No Premises / Plot No Images
1 01-01-2017 Action Area - I (i) New Town Book Fair.
(ii) New Town Business Club.

2 02-01-2017 Action Area 1
Action Area - II
(i) Café Ekante island at Eco Park.
(ii) Coal India Building.
(iii) Jatragachi RR Side Yuva Sangha Club.
(iv) Mothers Wax Museum.
(v) Swapno Bhore Senior Citizens park.

3 03-01-2017 Action Area 1
Action Area - II
(i) APJ Abdul Kalam College.
(ii) DLF Galleria.
(iii) Home Town Shopping Complex.
(iv) NKDA Bus Stand.
(v) New Town Business Club.
(vi) Swapno Bhore Senior Citizens Park.
(vii) New Town School.

4 10-01-2017 Action Area - II
Action Area - I
(i) ALAKTIKA Housing.
(ii) Biswa bangle Haat, Eco Park.
(iii) Green Wood Park Elements.
(iv) Green Wood Park.

5 11-01-2017 Action Area - II
(i) ALAKTIKA Housing.
(ii) Biswa Bangle Haat.
(iii) Green Wood Elements.

6 16-01-2017 Action Area - II (i) Eco Island Canal Side.
7 19-01-2017 Action Area - II (i) Eco Island Canal Side.

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