Community Market

Booking Slots Rental Charges(Per day) for residents of New Town (A/C) Rental Charges(Per day) for Others( A/C) Additional Electrical Charges* Security Deposite

For residents of New Town

For non-others
Full Day Booking
(For 23 hours)*
Rs. 10,000/- (plus service tax as admissible) Rs. 20,000/- (plus service tax as admissible) No additional arrangement be made. Rs. 10,000/- Rs. 20,000/-
Half Day Booking
(For 11 hours) *
Rs. 5,000/- (plus service tax as admissible) Rs. 10,000/- (plus service tax as admissible) Do Rs.  5,000/- Rs. 10,000/ -

  • If additional electricity is needed, party may use green generator on his/her own cost.
  • Full day booking ie. 23 hours will be counted from 08 A.M to 07 A.M.
  • Half day booking will be counted either from 06 A.M to 05 P.M or 06 P.M to 05 A.M.


Other Facilities/Amenities available:(a) 02 Rooms (b) Kitchen (c) 02 Toilets

( At present allotted to WB Gr-D Recruitment Board. Rates will be determined later on when available for hiring)

Note: Security Deposit will be returned on receipt of application from individual (Charges towards damage, if any, will be deducted from the Security Deposit)


i. Full rent and applicable service tax and security deposit for the complete booking period is to be paid at the time of Booking.

ii. In case of cancellation of booking, following deductions on rent will be applicable:-

Sl No. Timeframe for cancellation of booking Deduction {% of Booking Amount)
01 Before 01 month  from  date of commencement of programme of programme 10%
02 Before  15 days from  date of commencement of programme 15%
03 Before 07 days from  date of commencement of programme 25%
04 Within  07 days from  date  of commencement of programme 50%
05 On or after  schedule  date of programme Full Booking Amount

  • In case booking is cancelled within the Calendar month of booking, service tax will be refunded in full, but if the same is done in the next calendar month no service tax will be refunded as the same has already been deposited to the tax authority.

iii. Community Hall is to be returned to this authority 'as is where in condition' after the function is over. Any damage of the Hall and electrical equipments will be recovered from the security deposit.

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