Community Toilets

Eight nos of Pay and Use Community Toilet had already being completed by NKDA and all are running by agency selected via open tender. Locations as follows :

(i) Near 1st Rotary, Major Arterial Road (Biswa Bangla Sarani).
(ii) Action Area ID (Opposite to Tata Cancer Hospital.)
(iii) Street No. 97 Action Area- IB (Near Home Town.)
(iv) Street No. 184 Action Area- IC (New Axis Mall).
(v) Street No. 37 Action Area- IA (Near Coal India).
(vi) Street No. 2222 Action Area- IC (Near BalakaAbashan).
(vii) Street No. 175 Action Area- IC (Near NBCC).
(viii) Street No. 324 Action Area- ID (Near New Town Immersion ghat).
(ix) Eco- Park Gate No. 4.

Contract Person in NKDA:
Administrative Officer
03, MAR, New Town Kolkata
Contact No: 033-2324-2149

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