Online Building Plan Sanction Procedure

Activity 1: Enrollment of the Applicant/Owner and his authorized Technical Persons by filling up proper form.

Activity 2: Selection of already enrolled/NKDA authorized Technical person by Applicant login.

Activity 3: Applying color code on architectural drawings according to OPS Color Code Instruction.

Activity 4: Applicant or technical persons need to submit the Drawings and NOCs from FIRE PREVENTION AUTHORITY (if required) to NKDA Office.

Activity 5: By Technical login the Architect and all other engaged Technical person in the plan case needs to provide required details of the plan, run and submit the Color coded drawing using OPS-Software (only for architect login) and finally upload the digitally signed drawings (applicable for AutoCAD drawing files only) along with the entire required document to complete the submission.

Activity 6: Once all the above process is done and all the document found proper , a Demand Notice will generate and send to the applicant enroll time provided email id.

Activity 7: After receiving the payment slip from the concern bank the ‘Issuance of the sanction of building’ (Building Permit) generate and digitally signed softcopy of that sent to the applicant (and an acknowledgment mail to the architect) by mail.

Activity 8: Applicant can collect the hard copy of Sanctioned Plan from NKDA office after certain days of ‘Issuance of the sanction of Building’.

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