Registration Procedure for use of NKDA playgrounds for different sports activities
Name of the Applicant*
Name of the Guardian/Parent*
Aadhaar Number of Applicant*
Upload Photo ID Proof of Applicant. In case of non availability of ID card of Applicant, please upload ID of Guardian [Max. size='1MB', Format='.pdf/.png/.jpg/.jpeg']*
Email ID*
Mobile No. of Applicant*
Address of Applicant*
Whether owner of dwelling unit/ tenant?*
If tenant, Aadhaar/ DL/ EPIC of owner
Tax Assessment No. of dwelling unit of Applicant (if available)
Playground and locality where the game is proposed to be played*
Proposed Game by Applicant*
Would you like to avail training on payment of professional fees?*
Any other information?

The right to allow/ disallow/ allot the time/ nature of game is the sole discretion of NKDA
* I certify that the above information is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.